Self-defense is implicit in all of what we do at Karazenpo Fresno, but our instructors also provide self-defense training outside of the dojo through short-term courses, stripped of complicated techniques and traditions.  If you are interested specifically in a Women's Self-Defense course, Justin Sant'Agata, one of our  instructors, teaches a six to eight week course through Clovis Adult School.  Just log onto, and click on the Community Education link for information and registration.

We are also available to do workshops and courses of any length for businesses, churches, and other groups.  Inquire through our Contact Page.

Over the years, we have reviewed countless books and videos on the subject of self-defense.  The following is a resource list of some of these that we consider to be the best.

No Second Chances:  A Reality-Based Guide to Self-DefenseMark Hatmaker, 2009.  Bestselling author of the No Holds Barred series, Hatmaker offers a sensible, sobering look at the realities of criminality and defending oneself.  His methods are quick, effective and nasty, and easily learned by almost anyone. 

Strong On Defense:  Survival Rules to Protect You and Your Family from Crime.  Sanford Strong, 1996.  Strong is a retired San Diego Police Department trainer and supervisor.  The book is out of print, and the statistics are dated, but the advice and the stories are timeless.  He speaks as one familiar with violent crime, and his approach is to help people prepare by thinking ahead, rather than teaching techniques.  You can find the book at the county library, or used copies are still available.

Fight Back: A Woman's Guide to Self-defense that Works. Loren W. Christensen and Lisa Place, 2011. Christensen has multiple black belts in karate, jujitsu and arnis, and worked as a military policeman in Vietnam, followed by over two decades as a police officer with the Portland (Oregon) Police Bureau. Place has earned belts in taekwondo, kempo, American freestyle, kickboxing, jujitsu and arnis. In their book, they offer simple techniques with several permutations for each, and sound, streetwise advice.

Streetfighting Essentials - Combining Western Boxing and Hapkido into an Unstoppable Self-Defense System
(2-DVD Set). Alain Burrese, 2002. Burrese is a hapkido practitioner whose expertise is not only in martial arts, but also in security work.  This two-disc set offers solid self-defense techniques presented in a very detailed and easy-to-understand manner. The DVD set is really for beginners; there is not much new for a seasoned martial artist. Nevertheless, it is a comprehensive and essential tool for a novice seeking to learn self-protection techniques.

Real World Self-Defense:  A Guide to Staying Alive in Dangerous Times.  Jerry VanCook, 1999.  VanCook has a background in law enforcement (including SWAT and undercover assignments), several martial arts (at the time of the writing, he held a 6th-degree black belt in Bei-Koku Aibujutsu), and good ol' pugilism of what he describes as his misspent youth.  He experienced several deadly force encounters, and gives the reader the benefit of these hard lessons.  This is a holistic self-defense guide, examining legal issues, use of firearms, knives, weapons of opportunity and nonlethal weapons, as well as empty-hand and physical training tips.