Recommended Suppliers

We get many student inquiries about where to buy martial arts gear.  We have found the following to be reliable companies for purchasing everything from uniforms, striking bags, sparring gear, martial arts weapons, or anything else a martial artist might need.  - Century is best described as a company that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices, but not always the cheapest prices.  However, they have a huge selection, and are one of the best-known in the business. Karate Depot consistently has great prices.  Their stock is good quality, and often they have great deals on shipping. Asian World of Martial Arts is another well-known vendor with good material and prices. Wing Lam Enterprises specializes in Chinese martial art supplies, but has a wide variety of equipment, and sometimes GREAT prices. - Tiger Claw has equipment that is not necessarily the least expensive, but the quality is second to none.  Their striking bags and kick shields are incredibly durable and will last through years of hard use.

As time goes on, we may add to this list as we discover other options in the dynamic, competitive and fast-changing world of martial arts vendors.